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Digilog Technologies Pvt. Ltd. represents most of the major IT brands across the globe and specializes in integrating multiple services to customize solutions as per client requirements.

Virtually all organizations rely on computer and information technology to conduct businesses and operate efficiently. Most institutions, however, do not have the internal resources to effectively design, implement, or manage the products and systems that they need. When faced with such limitations, organizations often turn to the computer systems design and related services industry. DIGILOG, just about fits in as one company which designs and integrates such systems to effectively take care of organizational processes and operations.

We can also update or reengineer existing systems, or re design customized IT solutions to the user's specific needs.

Our Systems design services include planning and design of computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communications technologies. We help clients select the right hardware and software products for a particular project, and then develop, install, and implement the system. In addition, we often train and support the system’s users. We also provide consultation on security issues. The system’s hardware and software components may be provided by our design team as part of integrated services, or may be provided by a third party or vendor.

Work environment. Our engineers in the computer systems design and related services industry work in clean, quiet offices. Utilizing the technology available today, however, we do much of the work from remote locations using e-mail and the Internet. Our Computer support specialists, likewise, can tap into a client's computer remotely in order to study, identify and fix problems.

We develop software systems for control and automation in manufacturing, business, and other areas. Our analysts integrate hardware and software to make computer systems more efficient. By implementing new software applications, or even designing entirely new systems, we help organizations maximize their investments in machines, personnel, and business processes. To achieve this, we use data modeling, structured analysis, information engineering, and other methods. We also ensure that systems perform to their specifications by testing them thoroughly.

Our network systems and data communications analysts design and evaluate network systems, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Internet systems.

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