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The ever-changing socioeconomic conditions are forcing companies to address a number of complex challenges in the product development process; the key drivers being improvement in product quality, reduced time-to-market, and the ability to offer competitive prices.

Another way of dividing engineering is by function. Among the top functional divisions are design, operation, management, development, and construction; development engineering is concerned with converting an idea into a practical product.

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The challenges include:

  Managing global design requirements, distributed design teams, vendors in diverse countries, localized products meeting necessary statutes
  Accelerated product innovation
  Ability to offer better performing products
  Managing product complexity – getting together mechanical, electronics and embedded software as a homogeneous product
  Protecting product IP
  Product data maintenance, frequent design changes, insufficient data to justify / review reasons product changes
  Maintaining consistency in design
  Regulatory compliances.

Whilst coping up with all these issues, organizations need to focus on their core competencies. Most organizations have realized that managing all the product related information, right from concept through retirement, in an organized manner is the key to success. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions address such key issues by streamlining communication, management, and enabling collaboration throughout the enterprise.

How Digilog Can Help You
Digilog has a well-established Engineering Services practice for addressing the concerns faced by product development teams. We offer Engineering Services that span across the entire lifecycle of a product – conceptualization through prototyping and manufacturing support.

Our engineering services have enabled customers to create improved designs, analyze design problems, improve product efficiency, manage design data from multiple sources, migrate from one design platform to the other, adapt to new software releases, and so forth. In addition to providing services on all the design software used extensively in the manufacturing sector, we also provide engineering software customization services to create custom interfaces to handle routine/repetitive design tasks.

Industrial engineering, or management engineering, is concerned with efficient production. The industrial engineer designs methods, not machinery. Jobs include plant layout, analysis and planning of workers' jobs, economical handling of raw materials, their flow through the production process, and the efficient control of the inventory of finished products.

Mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, construction, and operation of power plants, engines, and machines. It deals mostly with things that move. One common way of dividing mechanical engineering is into heat utilization and machine design. The generation, distribution, and use of heat is applied in boilers, heat engines, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Machine design is concerned with hardware, including that making use of heat processes.

Mineral engineering includes mining, metallurgical, and petroleum engineering, which are concerned with extracting minerals from the ground and converting them to pure forms. Other important branches of engineering are agricultural engineering, engineering physics, geological engineering,

Earth moving equipment is machines and tools that are often used in construction, turf, and. Different types of jobs require different earth moving equipment. Unless a specific job type is being considered, it is difficult to consider anything to be standard. There are, however, some vehicles that can be considered common earth moving equipment.

A loader is an example of a piece of equipment that is used around the world for a wide range of jobs which include digging holes or breaking. A is with an arm connecting a bucket to the front and another arm connecting a backhoe in the rear. This rear attachment may either be permanent or removable. In comparison with some other earth moving equipment, a backhoe loader is often appreciated for being relatively small but versatile.

An is a machine that may also be used for digging or demolition. Excavators can come in a number of sizes, but tend to be designed the same. Usually there is a pivoting cab that rests on an undercarriage. Extending from the middle is an arm that is usually connected to a bucket. On each side of the undercarriage are tracks that are used for mobility. Apart from the arm in the rear, another major difference between a backhoe loader and an excavator are the tracks. Tracks are common for certain earth moving equipment. There are advantages and disadvantages, however.

Construction equipment

We remain highly competitive with our competition based on one sole premise, intense and personal customer service.

With the knowledge and use of the products and techniques we represent, along with the desire and ability to reach higher than expectations as a solution provider, it is our goal to continue building Engineering equipments and tools to maintain our status as a company that puts its customers first and foremost. We plan to have a continual process of building and refining the people and process that defines Engineering services as a quality solution

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